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Introducing: "So You Think You Want To Be A Boss: A Guide For Going From Having A Boss To Being A Boss - It All Starts With Mindset"

Are you tired of working for someone else, following someone else's rules, and feeling limited in your career? Do you dream of being your own boss, creating your own path, and achieving unparalleled success? If you've ever wondered what it takes to transition from being an employee to becoming a boss, look no further! "So You Think You Want To Be A Boss" is the guide you've been waiting for.


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🔑 The Key To Being A Boss - Starts With Your Mindset! 🔑

Benefits Of Book

1️⃣ Evaluate your readiness for the transition and align your goals with your passion.
2️⃣ Cultivate a growth mindset that allows you to adapt, learn, and thrive in any business environment.
3️⃣ Develop effective leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team.
4️⃣ Harness the power of effective communication to build strong relationships with clients, partners, and employees.
5️⃣ Master time management techniques to maximize productivity and achieve work-life balance.
6️⃣ Navigate challenges and setbacks with resilience, perseverance, and grace.
7️⃣ Create a roadmap for sustainable business growth and financial success.
8️⃣ And much more!

📖 Embrace Your Journey and Transform Your Future Today! 📖

In this revolutionary book, renowned author and business expert, Latesha Smith, delves deep into the transformational journey of transitioning from an employee to a successful boss. Unlike other business books, "So You Think You Want To Be A Boss" focuses on the crucial starting point - your mindset. It uncovers the hidden truths and challenges that aspiring bosses face, helping you develop the mindset required to triumph in the world of entrepreneurship.

Benefits Of Book

"So You Think You Want To Be A Boss" offers invaluable insights, practical strategies, and actionable advice that will empower

Master the Art of Bossing - It Begins with Your Mindset!

Discover the Secrets to Bossing Your Way to Success

📖 Embrace Your Journey and Transform Your Future Today! 📖


CEO, Financial Strategist & Author

Latesha Smith

Math and Science were favorite subjects in school. When it was time to go to college, I

wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take; Pharmacist or an Accountant. I chose

Pharmacy, which led me to choose Chemistry as my major with plans of obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. It wasn’t until my Junior Year of College that I realized this was not the path I wanted to take. Instead of switching to Accounting, I stayed the course and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. After 10 years, in the field of Chemistry, I decided entrepreneurship was the career change I wanted to pursue. I opened a janitorial franchise, obtained my real estate and life insurance licenses. After working in those fields for another 5 years before I finally made the choice to pursue my true passion.

I was hired as a tax preparer at a tax franchise in 2010. Working with them for over 2 years, gave me the direct experience of helping individuals with their tax needs and educating them on how to apply these strategies to their individual jobs and or businesses. Being able to educate individuals on how to better apply tax strategies in helping lower tax liability and increase profitability in small businesses is what led to me finally pursuing accounting.

In May of 2012 I founded Premier Tax and Business Solutions in which I am the CEO. I am now a knowledgeable and savvy Professional with over 10 years of experience in Tax and Financial Services. I believe the key to a successful business is understanding how, why, and when to apply basic financial strategies to improve the success and longevity of a company. I am a natural born leader with the ability to manage multiple priorities and objectives. This skill set allows me to collaborate with diverse individuals and businesses in areas such as Real Estate, E-Commerce, Health Care, Transportation, and Insurance just to name a few. This allowed me to gain exposure to the true needs of my clients.

As my clientele grew, I decided to expand the business to now provide other valuable

services such as Bookkeeping, Payroll, Consulting and now Notary Services. I am always eager to learn and further my knowledge. I became an Enrolled Agent, the highest appointment by The IRS for Tax Preparers in 2022. I also became a Certified MBE and Notary that same year. My community involvement has also been impacted by my growth allowing me to be an active member of notable local and national organizations such as, GECC, GWC, NAEA, AIPB, and the South Gwinnett High School Advisory Board all of which I am active with today.


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